Happy New Year

If you’ve enjoyed these devotions, can you help us spread the word? Can you let your family, friends, and folks at church know about it? Thanks! And, Barb and I pray you and yours have a fantastic, Christ-centered, warm-memory-creating, family filled, and Blessed New Year.

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9 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Ronald Perkins says:

    I not only enjoyed the the devotionals, but also inspired me to read my bible more .

  2. Ronald Perkins says:

    this devotional was very helpful for me and very inspirational for me during the day.

  3. Dr. Walt says:

    Thanks for the kind words. They are an encouragement, blessing, and affirmation.

  4. Sharon Karela says:

    Dr . Walt I’ve been a fan of your for the longest time, since you were the Ask the Doc on Moody Radio. Thank you for these devotionals. They’re something I look forward to each day. Hoping you and your entire family will have a Spirit Filled blessed New Year!

  5. Dr. Walt says:


    Thanks for the feedback and kind words. Both are a blessing and an encouragement. And, feel free to share them with family and friends. I hope you and yours had a Christ-centered, warm-memory-creating, family filled Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

    Dr. Walt

  6. Dale Davis says:

    We have not received Morning Glory Evening Grace since January 2nd. We miss it very much. Is it being discontinued? We hope not. It helps us get our day started and ended. Blessings to you.

  7. Dr. Walt says:

    Hey Dale,

    I have stopped posting for now. However there are several years posted, so you can open last year’s postings each day and stay encouraged and edified by God’s word.



  8. Kate says:

    I’ve not told you, Dad, but most of your devotions are in my email folder for Bible Quilting ideas!

  9. Dr. Walt says:

    Too cool. Love you!


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